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KGV SG 84 BW ACSC 90 1924 NO WATERMARK 1½d Three Halfpence red KGV SG 83 BW ACSC 79 1924 1d green No Watermark SG 17 ACSC 59(3)e 3/19 'Retouch to crown and top frame' 1913-14 King George V KGV engraved
King George V SG84.
Rich colour.
No watermark.
King George V SG83 1d Green.
ACSC 79.
No watermark.
SG 17 1913-14 King George V KGV engraved.
Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue variety ACSC 59(3)e. 3/19. 'Retouch to crown and top frame'.
Catalogue value $50.00